Greenhouse Vegetables

Greenhouse Vegetables

Most people who grow plants grow at least some edible produce among all the flowers. Most people have room for a few herb pots and may be supplement this with the odd chili plant or a tray of lettuce.

Growing vegetables can be particularly satisfying and there is something that can be harvested at almost any time of year.

Extreme weather conditions can hamper growth or even kill plants, but other than protecting plants from frost and wind, there is little that you can really do about this.


Gardening equipment is one thing you are in control of and a few things can help you out, even if they don’t guarantee success. The climate has the greatest impact on what we can grow and there is little point choosing plants that aren’t suited to your growing conditions.

Under glass, your plants’ growing conditions can be better controlled and you can keep a close eye on them, giving them exactly what they need.

Greenhouses raise the air temperature, meaning you can grow plants from warmer climes as well as being able to extend the growing season.

A greenhouse will serve as a windbreak, preventing seedlings and weaker plants from getting damaged. Polytunnels can provide you with large volumes of your favorite crops and indeed they are often used commercially.

A polytunnel is similar to a greenhouse, but is much larger, offering more growing space. Polytunnels can provide you with large volumes of your favourite crops and indeed they are often used commercially.

Anyone growing on a larger scale will benefit from using a polytunnel.

It isn’t possible to change the climate, but we can make the most of what is on offer through growing under glass.

Greenhouses and polytunnels provide a controlled growing environment with higher temperatures and a longer growing season.